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Summer's Eve Disposable Douche (2 Tube)

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With Summer’s Eve® disposable douches, you can feel clean and refreshed in seconds! Formulated with pharmaceutical grade water for purity, these douches are designed for one-time use and are premixed and premeasured to take the guesswork out of feminine hygiene.

  • Can be used after your menstrual period or to cleanse away unwanted vaginal secretions, contraceptive or lubricating jellies and creams
  • Premixed, pre-measured and ready to use, no assembly required
  • pH balanced & hypoallergenic
  • Clinically-tested for safety and efficacy
  • With Comfortip® nozzle and flexible neck for easier, more comfortable use
  • Formulated with pharmaceutical grade water for purity

Remove sanitary overwrap. Hold the cap of the bottle with one hand, and grasp the Comfortip® nozzle firmly with the other. Pull nozzle straight up until it clicks it place. Douche is not ready for use until nozzle clicks. Gently insert nozzle into vagina and slowly squeeze bottle. Do not pump the bottle.

  • During pregnancy
  • To prevent pregnancy
  • If symptoms of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or sexually transmitted diseases are present


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