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Shiseido Professional Powder Shake 150g

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The "click-clack" sound made by the stirring ball inside the bottle signals the start of the styling performance. Hearing the fun "click-clack" sound, customers will focus on the hand of the stylist with amazement! Even the easy-to-handle, multi-fit form of the bottle reinforces the impression of smart styling.

Shake the bottle well so that it makes a "click-clack" sound.
Spray the mist on dried hair.
Massage thoroughly into hair and style as desired.

* Shake well before use. Using this product without shaking well may cause the dispenser nozzle to clog due to sedimentation of the powder. The stirring ball inside the bottle allows the contents to mix easily.
* This product uses a chip that was chosen specifically for the contents in the bottle. Please do not refill or reuse the bottle.
* To avoid the risk of staining, avoid contact with clothing, especially dark colors.

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